Team T.O.M. Around Town

Team T.O.M. green ribbon magnets and school banners can be seen all over Elk Grove!  Have you taken the pledge to Take One Minute?  You can put a magnet on your car or help bring a vinyl banner to your school – visit our Facebook page to learn more!

TT at EhrhardtThank you Ehrhardt Elementary School!

TT at SimsThank you Sims Elementary School!

TT on Car 003So many families have taken the pledge to Take One Minute!

Team T.O.M. Runs with the Elk 001Cheer cards for the Team T.O.M. runners and walkers who participated in the inaugural Running of the Elk 5K and Half Marathon.

TT School BannersBanners ready to be placed at Hein Elementary and Elliott Ranch Elementary!

Teen Study Finds 'Startling' Amount of Distracted Driving

Elk Grove news website The Patch recently reported the results from a local survey conducted by teens studying distracted driving.  Using a stake-out method near school zones, members of the club Friday Night Live found over 160 instances of distracted driving in just one hour.  Offenses ranged from the seemingly benign playing with a pet to the far more dangerous - and illegal in California - texting or talking on a cell phone.

To read the full article, please click here:

Team T.O.M. supports the teen club's efforts to get pledges from fellow students to drive without distractions.  Take One Minute to put down your cell phone and watch for kids in school zones!

Driver Awareness on the Web

Recently, cyclist and lawyer Bob Mionske posted an item on his Road Rights blog about drivers who claim not to see cyclists before an accident, which he calls the “Ignorance is Bliss” defense.  Mionske points out, however, that it is a driver’s sole job to drive carefully and mindfully.

Read the whole post by clicking here.

Team T.O.M.’s mission is to remind drivers to always be aware of their surroundings, particularly while driving near schools.

Team T.O.M. is Running with the Elk!

Runners and walkers of all fitness levels are invited to train and race with Team T.O.M. this spring for The Running of the Elk Half Marathon or 5K.  This terrific hometown event has the perfect distance for you:

  • Have you been running or walking for a while, maybe even participated in a few 5Ks?  Then you’re ready to be part of a half-marathon relay team!
  • Are you looking for a big challenge?  The half-marathon is going to require some commitment, but the pride you’ll feel at completion will be worth every minute!
  • Not sure you could even run around the block, let alone 3.1 miles?  Of course you can!

An informational meeting will be held in a few weeks, but it’s not too early to think about your racing goals.  Get outside for a walk or a run today! 

Training with Team T.O.M. is a fun and healthy way to give back to the Elk Grove community - running with a team is a great way to lose weight and gain new friends! Most importantly, your participation helps Team T.O.M. spread the word about driving safely in school zones.

Take One Minute Today

School Zone Safety Pic

Schools can only do so much to keep our kids safe. It is up to drivers in our community to scan the roadway and watch out for our kids once they leave school. Please pay attention and watch out for our youth!!